Godawn Labor

As per name basically this labors are highly professional in loading, unloading shifting, steaking and stitching good bags (sugar bags, wheat bags, castor bags, etc.). This labors are generally used to load or unload bags from truck to warehouses and vice versa. They can also shift bags from trucks to trucks and have a great knowledge in steaking and restacking bags. Repacking, cleaning and stitching can also be performed. We hold a huge 400 Godown labor with 20 gang’s strength and avail services all over India. Our respectable client with whom we are working and connected in Labor category are CWC, NBHC, NCML, Edelweiss, Ruchi, Ahmedabad Strips and many more.

Land Dragons, they are everywhere

As a tag himself we provide an immense experience in our vast number of services all over India. And as a contractor we promise to take care of all storing, loading, unloading and transporting the supply, machinery or goods safe, fast and on time.